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4wd Upgrades! Offering Lift Kits, Gears and Accessories

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While trucks and SUV’s are more popular than ever, few people really maximize their potential.

Trucks were not only built to haul from one place to another, they also traverse rough terrain. Off-roading is a fun activity provided they have the proper equipment. Not all trucks are ready to climb steep hills or drive through muddy rivers. That is why Big Jim’s offers everything you need to turn your truck, SUV or Jeep into the ultimate off-roading machine.

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Lift Kits

There are several reasons why owners lift their truck’s suspension:

  • Increase clearance
  • Raise the profile
  • Install larger wheels

Lighting, Performance Parts, Wheels, Towing, Tops, Tonneau, Covers and Tires are just a few of the things Big Jim’s Specilize in check below for more:

  • Brakes

  • Bumpers, Tire Carriers & Winch Mounts

  • Drivetrain & Differential

  • Electrical

  • Exterior Car Care

  • Side Steps & Running Boards

  • Fabrication

  • Interior

  • Lift Kits, Shocks & Suspension

Increase Clearance

Adding a lift kit to a truck will raise the suspension a few more inches from the road. Many people want to raise their truck’s ground clearance to reduce potential damage from debris, allow the truck to cross flooded streets safely without flooding the engine, and be able to ascend steep hills.

Raise the Profile

Installing a lift kit is a great way to add some style to a vehicle. Raising a truck’s suspension will add a few inches to the overall height of the truck, allowing it to tower over other vehicles (even similar trucks).


Trucks with “taller” gears in the axles tend to have better fuel economy, but reduce acceleration. Axles with “shorter” gears improve acceleration at the cost of fuel economy. Switching to bigger tires has the same effect as putting in taller gears. Putting in smaller tires has the same effect as putting in shorter gears.

Shorter gears are preferred for rock crawling because they let you go much slower over the rocks. Taller gears are preferred for mud bogging because you need wheel speed to keep the tires clean and biting in the mud. Road racing cars might have taller gears to really get moving on the long straights while short track cars would never reach top speed before getting to the next corner so they would have shorter gears to get better acceleration coming out of the corners.

Allow for Larger Wheels

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons to install a lift kit on a truck is to be able to add larger off-road wheels. These wheels aren’t just for show, they are tougher, last longer, and allow trucks to go off-road and drive through mud, snow, rocks and other rough terrain without any problem.


Big Jim’s offers a wide variety of accessories for your 4WD vehicle. Call today (704.910.4695) for a full list.